TPLF regime: Declaration of war and announcement of 100% victory fell flat when confronted by the defiant Oromo mass


By Jawar Mohammed,
Abeye Tsehaye#‎OromoProtests‬ after its threat, declaration of war and announcement of 100% victory fell flat when confronted by the defiant Oromo mass, the TPLF regime now is forced to make concessions. OPDO’s central committee had emergency meeting in Adama over the last three days. After stating the demands of the Oromo public is just and legitimate, the Committee made the following key announcements:
1) The Master Plan is completely scrapped
2) Oromia Cities Proclamation should be reviewed by the regional legislative body ( Caffee) to remove articles rejected by the public
3) Oromia’s Special interest Oromia Finfinne shall be implemented in accordance with the constitution

The fact that a regime that dismissed these legitimate demands as agenda’s of anti-peace elements and declared Oromo activists and protesters is forced to make such concession is a major victory for the Nation. These concessions are not voluntary gifts from the ruling party but hard fought victory achieved through sacrifices of the daughters and sons of the Great Oromo Nation. The nation should be proud of its achievements and is indebted to those who gave it all for the just cause.Oromo killed

It’s important to make the following points as response to the announcement. As Oromo activists have correctly dismissed it as too little too late, the announcement could only have little to no chance of being taken seriously unless it’s immediately backed by the following concrete actions.

1) Since it has openly declared the demands are just and legitimate, the government must publicly take full responsibility for all damages caused as a result of its actions. These includes:

a) Activists and leaders arrested for advocating these just and legitimate demands must be released immediately.
b) Those who ordered and/ fired on peaceful protesters killing hundreds and wounding thousands should be publicly identified by an independent body, tried and punished by independent court.
c) The regular army, special forces units and the federal police soldiers currently occupying and terrorizing Oromia must leave immediately
d) Those government officials such as Abay Tsehaye and Getachew Reda who ridiculed the very demands that are now deemed just and legitimate, insulted the Oromo public that consequently incited soldiers to undertake ethnic cleansing must be removed from their post and tried
e) The Prime Minister should publicly apologize to the Oromo people for calling them terrorists and officially declaring war on them.
f)) Those Oromia regional officials such as Muktar Kadir and Bakar Shalle who sided with the hardliners within the regime and advocating violent crackdown must resign from their post.
g) Having been comprehensively rejected by the Oromo people, and having become completely incapable of responding to the people’s demands or standing upto federal authorities, Caffee Oromia and the Government of Oromia have lost both the mandate and the capacity to govern. Therefore, they should be dismissed and and election should be organized in a short order.

Oromos do not believe the TPLF regime has neither the political will nor the wisdom to undertake these practical actions. The Oromo people also know very well that despite finally publicly declaring the fact that it sides with the just and legitimate demands, the OPDO lacks the necessary power to implement these concrete actions listed above.

Therefore, the Oromo people cannot take today’s announcement as lasting solution to their to freedom from eviction, systematic exclusion and mass incarceration. Just as we achieved these concession through our struggle, we must step up to force their practical implementation


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