A minority regime in Ethiopia (TPLF) blocked Oromia Plated buses from entering Addis Ababa-Finfinnee


The minority regime in Ethiopia (TPLF) continues to harass the Oromo people. Today the TPLF blocked the ORO plated buses not to enter Addis Ababa. This is the second time the minority regime implemented such policy.

If the regime continues with this policy of blocking Oromia plated buses from entering Addis Ababa, Oromia’s government must respond in kind by banning Addis Ababa and federal (ET) plated vehicles from traveling across Oromia. Oromia could bring the dumb regime to its knee by cutting off water to city, preventing trash disposal in to Oromia towns and imposing heavy taxation on grains entering the city.

We know OPDO doesn’t have the balls to do this. But this blockade could be effectively implemented by civilians and civil servants.

As a people we have to stop a fascist group harassment!


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