Impressive resistance against TPLF hegemony in Ethiopia, Oromo is ready for change


When I see the resistance  Oromo people conducting against TPLF hegemony in Ethiopia, my heart is filled with immense joy. I can see what the future brings to Oromia, our future is bright, the people who resist TPLF fascism will resist any kind of dictatorship in the future. It is a done deal with the current hegemony, it seems the people are not willing to be governed by illegitimate TPLF government. Right now, Oromia is under military dictatorship. The TPLF dispatched over 50,000 Agazi army to take any measure against the Oromo people, they will rape, kill, kind-nap and assassinate anyone they want. No law against their atrocities for a while.

What you feel when you see such picture when the ordinary people resist TPLF fascism in the 21st centuries? Please comment your feeling and share with us!


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