PM Hailemariam Desalegn apologised but vowed to kill


“But according to messages on the ministry of foreign affairs Twitter feed, the prime minster admitted the problems in Oromia “are direct results of unresponsiveness and unemployment”.

He added that the government recognises the need to address grievances and said it “unreservedly apologises to our people for what happened”.

However, the government “will intensify their decisive actions against the anti-peace forces,” he said.”

Hailemariam Desalegn apologises but he vowed to kill more, what he is talking about? We  all know he is a tool for the Tigray TPLF fascist regime and he has no power. The TPLF government try to subjugate the Oromo people and work toward their Tigray-Tigrign dream. But, the people are determined to abolish TPLF fascism at any cost. The so called “TPLF dominated federal government” continue killing, mass jailing and terrorizing the Oromo people. The students and the teachers are utmost targets. The Agazi army used all terror tactics to subjugate the question of the people, but the citizen still struggle with armed forces.

I say:

Apology not accepted! Void!


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