The extrajudicial detention program known as ‘rehabilitation’ or tehadiso is back: TPLF war against Oromo


The extrajudicial detention program known as ‘rehabilitation’ or tehadiso (ተሃድሶ) is back. Tehadiso is an approach widely used in between 1992-1998 against Oromos where by activists are detained in military camp for prolonged period of months sometimes years. Tens of thousands of Oromos suffered in this way and in Hurso alone over 800 people died of torture, malnutrition and communicable deases. Now some of the same military camps, Dhidhessa, Xolay, Bir Sheleko and Hurso are being used for mass incarceration of protesters. What will make this round worse is that the regime is shipping taking prisoners far away from their locality. For instance, prisoners from Hararge are taken to Xolay in Jimma. Those from Arsi, Guji and Borana are being taken to Dhidhessa in Walaga. Those from Walaga and Shawa are to be taken to Hurso in Hararge. This will make it difficult for families to know the whereabout of their loved ones and to provide them with food and other basic needs. There is no court proceeding of any sort therefore there will be no official record of these citizens ever being taken and kept there.

As a people we have to take a decisive measures against TPLF fascist this time no matter what. Enough is enough!


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