Break The Chain:- A resistance against TPLF fascism to side with our leaders!

TPLF continue to disparage Oromo people by degrading Oromo political prisoners! This is no more about Bekele Garba, Dr. Marara Gudina or other hundred thousands who have been jailed in TPLF prisons. The war is against us, The Oromo! They have been telling us a message when they hand cuffed Dr. Marara Gudina and Ato Bekele Gerba like thieves when the real thieves like Ato Abeye Tsehaye and his cohort are walking on the street.

Oromo Leader Bekele Garba brought to the court like thief hand cuffed!

Dr. Marara Gudina brought to TPLF cangaro court hand cuffed like a theif


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