The Tigre empire in shambles


According to my sources, Girmma Xureneh was captured in Dirre-Dhowaa city by the Oromia police. After being interrogated, he exposed so many TPLF spies who work as artists, business men, regular individuals etc. When they learned the capture of Girma Xuruna, the TPLF commandos demanded for his release claiming that he is wanted by the federal government. The goal of the TPLF was to limit the damage that Girma’s arrest by the OPDO may cause to the TPLF intelligence services.  However, the OPDO denied that he was arrested.

II. The TPLF is split in three groupings.  Accordingly;
1. Getacho Asafa’s group argues that regional governments must be empowered.  In the TPLF meeting, the executive and the central committee members argued that Getacho must be removed from his position.
2. Abayi Tasahaye, Samora, Azeb, Sbhat Naga group proposed that Ethiopia need to go back to the Hailesilase era state structure.  
3. Abay waldu, Arkeb, Debresiyon, Siyum Masifn and the like want to appoint Debre Siyon as prime minister in place of Hailemariam Dasalenyi.
III. The Amhara and Oromo groups
Since the EPRDF is created, the OPDO, EPDM, Southern People and the TPLF have 9 votes but now the Oromo and the Amhara argue that they need 3 more more vote each since they represent majority population of the empire.  Obviously, this is never acceptable to the TPLF.   
The Tigreans believed that working with Amhara and the southern people will isolate the OPDO for ever.  Knowing this, the OPDO made is trying to reconcile with the Amharas and proposed the following power sharing structure.
Abba Dulaa Gamadaa to become head of defense, Abiy Mohamed prime minister, Lamma Magarsa to remain president of Oromia, Warqina Gebeyehu head of intelligence. 
From the Amhara side, presidential, foreign minister, economy and vice president position to be given to the Amhara.

This being the case however, because the vote structure remained 9 for each four regional states, unless the southern groups join the Oromo and the Amhara, this proposition will remain 50-50.  Of corse, if the EPDM and the OPDO can convince the southern groups, what they wanted can be realized. Mean time, the TPLF still controls all powerful government structures until it collapses on it’s own.
In conclusion, Lammaa Magarsa is trying to stabilize Oromia while the TPLF is undermining his effort. That means, there will be more war in eastern part of Oromia from the Somali side.  The Tigreans are very mad at their spy man Getacho Asafa and at the current prime minister. They said that the two men have not done enough to quash the Oromo movement.
The truth remained that no one is going to party every night as usual and no one is laughing with bar ladies any more.  The conversation has turned sour and friends are no longer friends. All everyone can do at this point is to gossip about who will go to jail next and who is going to be safe.

On the other hand, Ambo never went silent as the students and the invading TPLF army stand offish confrontation continues. The OPDP seem to feel that it is not standing alone while the Oromo people feel that they can’t be ignored any more. They believe that the Tigre rule collapse is almost inevitable. On the Tigreans part, they found themselves surrounded by enemy standing alone as the minority wondering what they should and they should not do. 

Rundaasaa Asheetee ti


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