Why has Borana become the target of TPLF attack?


This time around the whole Oromia territory is under attack given the fact that the Oromo revolution sturdily has shaken the TPLF regime from the roots in an unprecedented manner. In an open vengeance, TPLF has deployed a Darfur replica of Janjaweed brute named “Somali Special Police” to Oromia in the east, south and south east areas; a vast territory that extends over five administrative zones. One of these zones is Borana, the most treasured Oromo area due to its resilience to preserve the Gada system for centuries. No need to say, the so-called “Somali Special Police” is organized, sponsored and commanded by the TPLF ruffians and unleashed to attack Oromians at will, spearheaded by a wild man called Abdi Illey, the current president of Ogadenia.


It is difficult to conveniently predict the next insane steps that TPLF gangs would they jump into in order to consolidate their power lust for power. How will they deal with restive Oromia is yet to be seen.  One can hardly miss, however, that the exhaustive meeting of TPLF in Mekele was not business as usual. From empirical experiences and situational analysis, it is not too difficult to establish a likely postulate. What has held the Tigrian bands in a closed consultation for months? Presumably, the TPLFtes have been pondering on how to quell Oromo-Amhara resistances against their rule and maintain their hold on power. 

Above all, the whole gist of their debate in the closed door was nothing but on how to keep Oromo revolution at bay. Why Oromia is targeted? The answer is so simple; one cannot rule Ethiopia without controlling Oromia, the region that contributes 60% to the national economy, 40% of manpower, a resource base land etc. On top of that, Finfinnee, the capital city-the political hub of the nation is also located in the heart of Oromia. Even in the years to come, Oromia will remain a battle ground of political struggle in the empire.

Due to the facts, the TPLF regime has done its level best to suppress Oromia over the last quarter of a century. In order to maintain its grip on Oromia, the Tigrian regime has deployed different subdual strategies, among which are incapacitation of institutions, killings of nationalist figures, paralysation of businesses, terrorizing strong holds of Oromoness such as Borana, Ambo, Arsi, Hararge Qellam etc. 

The subject of this piece, Borana has typically suffered an agonizing horror ever since the coming to power of this regime. Boranas have ever been engaged in orchestrated clashes with neighboring communities, deliberately exposed to ecosystem effects, ripped off their land, killed and evicted. These atrocities have been continued in a nonstop fashion and continued to be so as we speak now. Why has Borana become the target of TPLF attack? 

One can single out few factors. Boarans location which has been once a virtue now turned to a vice. Borana is in a strategic position to host and smuggle Oromo freedom fighters. The hunt down for liberation insurgents around the Kenya border left Borana Oromo in an open attack. Another reason is the fortitude of Borana to preserve Oromo values and its virtual symbolism to be a source of pride for Oromoness. The third cause may be the unbeatable tradition of Borana self-defence that has been tested in ages. The fourth factor can be attributed to an inherited organizational capability of the Borana community compared with other areas which are more or less weakened either by religious or cross-community interactions. 

Borana is in plights and woes. One can boldly assert that our Borana community has not been given overlooked and the suffering they are faced with is very scary. The current OPDO leadership should be able to give due attention to the despair that is eating our people down in periphery. Today, Somali special police is mowing our people in Borana area day in and day out. Problems that are facing Borana are not limited to external attack.
There are questions of development (health care, education, and other social facilities). They have also questions of adequate representation in Oromia affairs such as Gada assemblies. Above all there is huge question in terms of security. There is enormous question of the question of survival-they are losing land to external invader aka Somali “Special Police”.
These issues are vital questions. There are reports that the Borana community is now in a dreadful despair. People are losing confidence in local administration and Oromia government. They don’t expect anything from the so-called federal government. Out of despair, they are blaming, denouncing and defying local administration. If this administration is not defending them from attack, where is the point for them to listen to local administration?

The Oromia government is, in fact duty bound, to defend our people, deploy sufficient number of police and militia without any precondition to Borana to augment community self-defence. In addition, it is a top urgent priority to address development needs, the lack of which has exacerbated burden of life on our people. 


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