Ethiopia: Closure of “torture chamber” could signal new chapter for human rights


Today’s announcement, about releasing political prisoners, is a small but important step in the right direction. But it has to be implemented across board, immediately and unconditionally. We have also heard that they have decided to restructure and reform the federal government including the security sector. It is said a 9 member adhoc committee, chaired by Abadula Gemeda, has been established to undertake the restructuring and reforming the government. If they are serious about such reform, this need to be done thoroughly and with participation of independent experts. While undertaking the internal negotiation and reform, they also need to open the door for dialog with opposition groups. The Prime Minister’s reference to ‘national dialogue and improving the political sphere’ points to this direction. If they commit to what they are saying, they will have the blessing of the people. If they give these promises just to buy time as many suspect, then they are only digging their grave deeper and speeding up their downfall. Either way Alua Continua !!


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