Tigray Agazian army committed genocide on Oromia civilian, Moyale, Oromia, more than 17 died and dozen wounded


MOYALE, Ethiopia: the number of people killed by Agazi in Moyale has reached 17 and with dozens wounded. The hospitals on both side of the border are flooded with the wounded.

Some 10,000 are said to have fled from Moyale to Kenya to escape the ongoing mass killing by Agazi. We call on Kenyan authorities to extend their helping un in providing humanitarian assistance and protection.

Names of those killed in Moyale as recorded at the hospital. Four bodies were taken to the military camp and their body is yet to be handed over. Totally of 13 people have been confirmed dead.


Some the list who killed by Tigray Agazian army

The following victims woubded in Moyale have been transferred to Walayta and Hawasa hospitals.
1 / Duube Adeemma
2 / Tesfaaye Gahaanoo
3 / Siraaj Temaam
4 / Muhhammed Qaasim


Afaan Oromo


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