Breaking News: Jawar Mohammed said he sent the delegation to Ethiopia to open Oromo Media Network (OMN) in Finfinee, Ethiopia


Jawar Mohammed said he has sent his delegation to support the democratization process in Ethiopia. He want to open OMN studio in Finfinee to support the struggle.  This comes today after assessing the progress made in Ethiopia after fierce struggle.

Let us hope the good comes out of this!!


  1. When Abiy and his brutal amhara militias want to kill people of Mekele they always but the blame on TPLF. They used to tell us that TPLF committed genocide in Hawzen in the during derge regime.They are traitors and murderers like their father Devil.Amharas are proving to us they are nieither christians nor Muslims but children and follwers of Devil thrown to the ditch . They are incarnated dark spirits: ke bhar yewetu metetam zar wulagoch . amhara militias ye sew siga beyoch nachew Ayzoh yebetachinet ena ye firacha milikit new !!!!!


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